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Our magical products are now available in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.



Our low-line fog systems cover over 5,000 square feet of floor space. Unlike smoke machines, our systems hug the floor. This transforms any event space into a magical scene. We are ready, are you?



We bring the magic of indoor and outdoor fireworks to your event. With countless design options, we work with you to create the perfect lifelong magical memory. Its time you experience the magic!



Our team of professional designers design and create the best Co2 blasts in any style imaginable. It’s your event, personalize your magical moment.

We provide special effects for indoor and outdoor events

With countless design options, the possibilities are endless.
You deserve to live your magic

Professional, Safe and Quality Based Systems

We only use international industry standard systems at every event.

In brining an international brand experience to event spaces in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, SPARKULAR TT continues to work with our international suppliers to ensure the best and safest technology is deployed at event spaces. To learn more about our operations and industry standard systems click the (+) below.


There are more challenges to using pyrotechnics indoors and many venues have placed restrictions or in some cases even banned specific products. If you’ve come up against such obstacles then don’t despair, there is a purpose built non-pyrotechnic effect which is taking the special effects industry by storm.

Our systems are state of the art. They omit a large plume of brightly colored sparks similar to a Gerb, but is incredibly safe and can be used at any event space.

We control start, stop, volume, height and firework deployment design.

Send a direct message to our team of experts or call 1868 767 8496 to discuss your event in detail.


Low-Lying Fog or freeze fog has always been a challenge for show producers who work in theatrical productions, music productions, sporting events, business theater, theme parks or touring shows. We have the solution for superior performance for Low-Lying Fog effects.

Our expertise using international, industry standard cold fog systems allow us to provide you with huge volumes of quality, pure white fog hugging the ground continuously with a push of a button.

Send a direct message to our team of experts or call 1868 767 8496 to discuss your event in detail.

Co2 Fog Cannons

Our Co2 Fog Cannons is a powerful and effective solution for any type of event. We providing something visually different for the audience to absorb. We can also create choreographed blasts, custom design and screen play that ensures the event is beyond beautiful.

We design and work with our clients to ensure our clients are satisfied. As well as, clients can provide their designs for us to create.

Send a direct message to our team of experts or call 1868 767 8496 to discuss your event in detail.


One of the most important factors of any business is the team and staff working together to achieve a common goal. SPARKULAR TT ensures each and every staff member including outsourced personnel undergo a safety check, certification check and are all directed through our theoretical and on site training procedures before working on a real event.

Send a direct message to our team of experts or call 1868 767 8496 to discuss your event in detail.

Magical systems, quality customer care and value for money

This is your moment, live and we'll do the rest.


Our Cold Spark systems produce sparks that are 100 percent safe and non-flammable. Because of this, they are easy to control and program, allowing for on-demand changes to size, height and timing of cool pyrotechnic effects.

Friendly Support

Our technical team works with you to ensure a smooth and successful event. We provide support prior to and during every event. Additionally, our business platform chat is available to clients to connect with us 24/7.


SPARKULAR MACHINE – Produces sparks between 1.5m – 5m high.

LOW LINE FOG – Covers over between 5,000 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

Co2 Fog Cannons – Our systems produce virtually no heat and shoots multiple blasts between 8-10 meters. Crisp, clear and stunning visual effects perfect for any venue or application.

Indoor and Outdoor Fireworks, Low-Line Fog and Custom GOBOS


Traditional pyrotechnic effects burn as hot as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and cannot be stopped once started. In comparison, the Sparkular machine operates at a cool temperature and the sparks themselves are not flammable, meaning much smaller safety exclusion spaces are needed. The cold fallout means that audiences can enjoy the stunning visual display in complete safety.

The pyro machine also offers the operator total control, enabling them to start and stop the effect at any time. Our engineers can control the height, volume and duration as well as linking several machines together to create dynamic, pre-programmed displays.

Our team will collaborate with you to produce a personalised proposal with a range of ideas, a shopping list from which you can pick and choose.

Further discussions and site visits enable us to refine the plan, giving you the confidence to make a final booking.

  • Our service includes design, testing, site visits and site specific Risk Assessments.
  • We’ll turn up on time and well prepared, liaise with the relevant people and complete the job as specified.
  • Any issues will be dealt with promptly and comprehensively.

If you are organising a live event, it doesn’t matter how many people are watching in the audience, the demands are still the same to deliver the perfect performance and there are no second chances. It’s the adrenaline rush of delivering on the big day that gives our staff the greatest job satisfaction, so you can rely on them to take the pressure off.

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Client Reviews

  • This is the best low-line fog Queens Hall has ever had!

    John M. Thomas
    Musical and Production Director
  • Thank you sir, that low-ling fog was perfect for my wife and I.

    Marlon Geetooah
    Wedding Client

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